American Plum is growing in a thicket near our office with hundreds and hundreds of plants. That’s unusual because it isn’t native to our area.

It seems to have suckered from the rootstock of an old plum tree that was planted nearby decades ago. Since then it has suckered and reseeded itself in this prime location. It gets plenty of sun and water where it is. This year it’s full of plums and we are likely to get an excellent and sweet tasting seed harvest in the fall.

American Plum is very similar to Canada Plum. Both are excellent pollinators and rootstock for plums. sells seedlings or allows you to sign up for a restock notification here.

Thorns… some of these ones aren’t very sharp, but you need to be careful they can and will pierce your skin and it HURTS.

The fruits look like this the end of August. Tart to bitter skin gives way to tasty sweet flesh. Heavenly.

The spring flowers of the American Plum are also very showy and attractive.