In this Gardening at USask video, Drew highlights what offers and what sets us apart from other seedling producers. 

What makes our online retail store stand out in the world of tree sales? At, we’re dedicated to providing a wide range of top quality seedlings so that your landscape dreams become reality. We prioritize quality, customer satisfaction, and environmental well-being. 

What We Do specializes in the sale of spring dormant seedlings, and our season runs from November to June each year. This means you have a substantial window to plan and purchase seedlings for your project. We offer free shipping on orders larger than $100.00. Our shipping dates are flexible, allowing you to choose a shipping date that works best for you. Shipping dates range from mid-April to mid-June, so you can plan your planting according to your schedule.

We offer a diverse range of plants, and primarily sell one-year-old peat plugs and occasional two-year-old stock. They can be purchased in small to large quantities, making them suitable for various sized projects. We ship them out through Canada Post, where they are carefully packaged in one-foot, two-foot, or three-foot boxes. These seedlings leave our warehouse frozen, but start to thaw in transit. We recommend that they should be planted within two weeks from the shipping date. 

Before shipping any trees, we test our seedlings to ensure they come out of dormancy and have a high survival rate of over 90%. We believe in the quality of our seedlings and want your project to succeed. This is why we have our 30-day new growth guarantee.

Why Spring Dormant Seedlings?

Spring dormant plants have the highest adaptability stress of any stock type. When a plant is not actively growing, it doesn’t experience stress the same way. Typically, you wouldn’t expect a plant that is shipped in a dark box to survive the shipping journey. For an actively growing plant you would be right. But with a dormant plant, it is like they’re peacefully asleep and barely noticing time spent in transit. 

We use this scientific insight, along with forestry logistics, to deliver a large number of superior peat plugs. These are not your ordinary plugs – they are specially grown and perfectly timed so that the roots fill the cavity and hold together exceptionally well. We even create unique soil mixes for each crop to ensure optimal performance.

We believe that buying a small peat plug is just the beginning of your tree’s journey. While it may seem modest, it serves as the foundation for a large, majestic 20 or 30-year-old tree. Buying a larger, more established tree costs a significant amount of money. So if you have more time than money, is the perfect solution. Buying seedlings is not only cost-effective but also empowers you to create your dream landscape, your way.

Receiving a dormant seeding for this first time can be a little bit daunting and confusing. Especially when it comes to deciduous trees and shrubs. When people are used to plants they can buy at a garden center, they expect seedlings to come fully leafed out. But dormant seedlings are essentially in winter mode, and deciduous plants won’t have leaves. While the garden center stock is already growing, and looks great it will likely experience some shock from transplanting. Garden center stock will put on some root growth but you are unlikely to see a lot of shoot growth that first summer.  

One of the many advantages of our spring dormant seedlings is the immediate growth they offer. Being in a dormant state protects them from the transplanting stress that garden center stock experiences. Seedlings will start to come out of dormancy as they get the heat, sunlight, moisture, and nutrients that they need. You’ll see root growth right away, followed by shoot growth, and they’ll continue to thrive throughout the season.


We take pride in offering an extensive selection of trees. This includes various species, cultivars, and varieties. Our tree availability is unmatched in both Canada and the United States, making us a top choice for tree enthusiasts.

Our ability to grow and sell many different varieties of plants comes down to seed. We are constantly collecting our own seed and sourcing hard to find seed from other suppliers. With this, also comes the storage and testing of the seeds. As a private organization we have one of the largest amounts of stored seed. In order to ensure the quality of our seed, we have to perform different types of seed testing. We want to use higher quality seeds as it helps get full cavity fill when we start sprouting and growing the plants. 

When it comes down to growing plants, we believe in using various aspects of an Integrative Pest Management system and limit the use of pesticides. At TreeTime, our core purpose is to steward and shape the landscape for our collective future. And we believe how we grow our seedlings is an important part of that. We want to do right by the landscape, and right by the environment. 

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