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Whether you need wedding favours, memorial trees, or promotional giveaways, has you covered with the perfect green gift—seedlings.

Seedlings are memorable and environmentally friendly gifts for memorials, weddings, promotions, and any other events you can imagine. Instead of giving your loved one the ordinary heart-shaped chocolates from your local grocery store this month, you can give them something they can cherish for a lifetime.

Size and Variety

Our seedlings range between 8 inches and 10 inches tall (plus the plug, adding 5 inches).

Customers are sometimes surprised when they collect their order and see seedlings when they expected full-grown trees. We provide young trees instead of mature ones because:

  • compared to older trees, a seedling plug is much easier to ship and transplant;
  • peat plugs are planted in about 1/4 the time that bareroot trees are;
  • they suffer significantly less pre-planting stress which often translates into very high survival rate; and
  • bareroot trees often suffer from J rooting and stability issues if not properly planted. In contrast, peat plugs are easier to plant correctly.

For as little as $1.99 each, these are an environmentally friendly affordable choice. offers a few species to suit your event needs:

  • White Spruce and Lodgepole Pine (year round); and
  • Blue Spruce (November to June). Please note, this variety is more expensive in the off-season.

Read more about where our seedlings come from here.

Please allow two to four weeks’ notice so can provide your order on time.

Care and Considerations

  • Always handle seedlings carefully. As they are fragile, they can bend and break easily.
  • Seedlings may be frozen. Your seedlings may need time to thaw, so store them in a place away from direct heat.
  • Regulate temperature. To ensure they thrive, store your seedlings in a place with a constant temperature.
  • Keep them wrapped in plastic. Don’t let them dry out.

For full instructions, visit our article about seedling care.

Our seedlings come without decorations. You can dress them to fit your theme, your way. has plastic sleeves available for your convenience and to ensure safe transport.

We’d love to hear about your event. If you are considering this environmentally friendly gift that your guests can grow and enjoy for years to come, or a simple seedling for your sweetheart, please contact us today.