Shipping seedlings: How to ship seedlings for outstanding trees.

Shipping live plants through the mail may sound like an odd concept. By using nature as our guide, we’ve mastered the best method to ship seedlings and shrubs.

Time needed: 5 minutes

3 steps to shipping seedlings for outstanding trees.

  1. Harvesting

    Our process starts in the fall with the harvest. Seedlings are hand-harvested at the nurseries and bundled into groups. We then wrap their roots in plastic to keep in moisture. From there, seedlings go into wax-lined boxes and brought to our cold storage warehouse to begin their winter sleep. Learn more about seedlings: planting seedlings
    seedlings being packaged

  2. Freezing

    Every fall, trees prepare themselves for winter by going into a dormant state. This dormancy is like a bear’s hibernation. It prevents seedlings from needing resources that aren’t available during the winter months. To mimic the seedlings’ natural growth cycle, the temperature in our cold storage warehouse is -3° to -5°. As a result, the seedlings’ chance of survival significantly increases.

  3. Shipping

    On your selected shipping date, Canada Post picks your seedlings up from our cold warehouse. You can expect an email from them containing your tracking number. During their journey, your seedlings are thawing and waking up from their dormancy. Once again, mimicking their natural growth cycle. Depending on their ultimate destination, seedlings will thaw by their arrival date. If they are still frozen, wait a day or two before planting. Tips for site selection and planting.pre-planting seedling care b

Shipping Seedlings: Behind the Scenes at

Go behind the scenes as our harvesters get this season’s crop of seedlings ready for you.

By continually mimicking a seedling’s natural growth cycle, we have mastered the best method to ship seedlings for outstanding trees. For more information on our seedlings got to: