Seedling Height: Why roots are important.

A well-developed root system is vital to the health of your seedling. At, we focus on root development instead of seedling height. Here is why.

Time needed: 5 minutes

3 reasons roots are important to seedling height and survival.

  1. Roots Absorb Nutrients

    Roots are the life support system of your seedling. They absorb nutrients from the soil to nourish your seedling. After absorption, the roots distribute the nutrients to each part of the seedling. This process allows your seedling to grow into a healthy tree. Without a strong root system, your seedling would not receive the required nutrition.maple seedlings

  2. Roots Store Nutrients

    Storage of nutrients and food is essential during the winter months. Large roots are in fact carbohydrates stored for later use. When not leafing or growing, your seedling uses these stored carbohydrates to survive. Furthermore, roots fight off competition from other trees for the limited resources available.Man picking up seedling

  3. Roots are an Anchor

    As your seedling peat plug grows, it needs a strong root system to hold it in place. An initial support root, known as a taproot, is grown from the seed and goes down to find water. Once the seedling begins to grow, the taproot produces lateral roots. These new roots branch off from the taproot. As the roots grow sideways looking for nutrients, they act as an anchor. Without a root system for stability, your seedlings would not have the support it needs to stay firmly in place.
    well developed root system for seedling heights

At, we grow and sell 1-year-old peat plugs with well-developed roots. Roots are the life support of all seedlings and trees. By focusing on root volume, our seedlings have a higher survival rate. Plus, they plant/ship easier, establish faster, and are cost effective. In fact, we are so confident in our seedlings we offer a 30-day new growth guarantee. Allowing you to enjoy your project sooner.