Last summer, we shared some of our favourite Maple Trees to get customers excited for Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration and one of its most famous symbols – the maple leaf. Let’s review those glorious colours as fall approaches!

Maples that Yellow in Fall


A Manitoba Maple Tree

  • Excellent windbreakers that are often purchased for shelterbelts
  • Its sap can be cooked down into a tasty buttery syrup and sugar*
  • Great for building tree forts in; sturdy frame with dense branches
  • Resistant to harsh climates



A Norway Maple Tree

  • The most planted boulevard tree in North America
  • Ideal for shelterbelts
  • Can grow in a variety of different soil types
  • Pollution tolerant and resistant to wind and winter damage
  • Low maintenance means more free time!



A Silver Maple Tree

  • Striking leaves with silver underside of each leaf. The leaves shudder and shimmer in the wind like flickering silver
  • Great for attracting wildlife by providing food sources and shelter for a variety of animals
  • Grows well in wet soil


Maples with Red in Fall


An Amur Maple Tree

  • Incredible colours and fragrant flowers, making it an excellent piece for yards and gardens
  • High pollution tolerance, making it very popular tree in urban areas
  • Naturally grows up to 20 feet – perfect for hedges and screens, but not too tall to be planted under powerlines
  • Low maintenance and easy to prune



A Sugar Maple Tree

  • The tree with celebrity status – the sugar maple’s leaf can be found on the Canadian flag
  • So gorgeous that ‘maple tours’ are conducted in many provinces
  • A popular choice for producing maple syrup and sugar
  • Great for farmers – provide shelter from the wind and Its fallen leaves provide the soil with rich nutrients


Order your own maple trees now and plant  in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary. Can’t decide what maple to order? Give us a call and talk with our knowledgeable staff!


*Every maple will produce their own unique taste and we encourage you to tap a few trees of your own to find your favourite